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Spka 2024 fb event 1
Supreme Parkour Armageddon 2024
perjantai, 23 helmi 19:00 - sunnuntai, 25 helmi 16:00
Parkour Akatemia Turku
Helsiginkatu 21, 20100 Turku
Tapahtuman kuvaus
Supreme Parkour Armageddon is here again! Be quick to secure the limited edition Early Bird offer for yourself or as a christmas present. The event includes the world premiere of the upcoming parkour film 'Capital' and workshops from parkour professionals all around Europe. Guest coaches include Rachel Gough, Riccardo 'Saiu' Calli, Kosta Krunic, Iida Laiho, Sanni Vesterinen, Leon Brandt and more!

The ticket includes a warm lunch on Saturday 24th and a chance to spend the nights at the venue. There are many soft crash mats to sleep on, but bringing an own hammock or mattress and a sleeping bag is adviced. There is a shower and a couple of bathrooms at the venue. There will be outdoor AND indoor activities so bring good gear and a pair of sneakers for both surroundings.

Be sure to follow news about the event on our website http://www.parkour.fi and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/SuomenParkourRY and Instagram @parkour.fi. The information email will also be sent to the ticket buyers' email address. All questions about the event can be presented to spka@parkour.fi
Normal ticket
85.18 €
+ 4.81 € palvelumaksu
20th anniversary support ticket
100 €
+ 5.38 € palvelumaksu