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Help / FAQ

Buying tickets


1. How do I buy a ticket?


2. How do I use my ticket?


3. The ticket has my name on it. Can my friend still use it?


4. Can I print the order confirmation and use it as a ticket?


5. I didn't receive an order confirmation to my e-mail. What do I do?




1. How are my payments handled?


2. Which payment methods are supported?


3. What is the final amount I need to pay when I purchase a ticket?


4. Can I save my credit card information after my first purchase?




1. How do I start to use Ticted as an event organiser?


2. Anything I need to know before I start to sell tickets?


Creating events

1. How do I create an event


2. What is an Early bird ticket?


Ticket validation


1. How do I check in my attendees?


Payment information


1. I just sold my first ticket. When will I get paid?


2. How do I set up my payment information?


3. How will I know how many tickets have been sold?


4. Do my customers receive receipts for their purchases?